Balgowan Target Fish #1: King George Whiting

Balgowan Target Fish #1: King George Whiting

Balgowan has always been known as one of the most prolific places to catch quantities of quality King George Whiting.

Hence this has always been Balgowan Charters number one target.

Surely this is one of the best and most popular table fish in Australia with its price in the shop of around $99/ kilo speaking for itself?

The delicate white flesh being adored by many that do not tend to go for the “fishier” species in general.

My wife is one of those people and it drives me a little crazy!

King George Whiting bag limits off Balgowan

Balgowan Fishing Charters prides itself on being able to catch a bag limit of quality King George Whiting all year round.

After years of chasing them its all about knowing where to catch them at what time of the year to ensure the maximum quantity/ quality of fish.

With the Spencer gulf being roughly 60 miles across west of Balgowan there is plenty of water to fish.

Saying that, King George Whiting can at times be a tough fish to get on the hook with the skipper knowing they are swimming around under the boat and little chance of getting them to bite.

On these days its just a matter of move and move till you find some that will have a go.

This is probably one of the reasons why they are so expensive in my opinion!

They can at times be coming in with double headers and the next minute they stop, hence why it pays to fish hard while they are biting.

The legal limit of 32cm is considered a very small fish where we fish with fish around 40cm the target fish with regular fish even over 50cm.

At the size they are usually mistaken for a snapper and really put up a great fight.

A kilo of whiting is a true trophy fish.

Of course there are so many other quality fish in the Spencer gulf waters that Balgowan Charters boat fishes, that are nearly as worthy of catching and adding to the menu in the household.

And if you keep note of such things, 58cm is the record fish taken on the charter.

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