Full Day Fishing Charters

Full Day Fishing Charters From Balgowan, South Australia

Our full day charters are $300 per head and can take up to 12 customers each trip. This makes our fishing charters perfect for that corporate day to impress your customers or look after your valuable employees.

However, we can always fit small groups on with others so either get a group together and charter the whole boat or get in touch and we will get singles/ small groups on board.

And before you know it, you’ll be there as our trusty John Deere eases our 10.4m Clayton Galant, “Wild Thing”, into Spencer Gulf at the Balgowan boat ramp.

big snapper
Great Fishing - Balgowan Fishing Charters

What To Bring On A Full Day Fishing Charter

With Balgowan Fishing Charters, all you need to bring is your lunch and have something to put your fish in at the end of the day. This means a big eski is usually required.

Hats and sunglasses are recommended to keep the sun at bay, especially during summer, with logo branded hats available on the boat for purchase.

We do offer filleting services as well but we need you to let us know in advance because, let’s face it, 100 odd whiting take a while to do professionally!

And apart from some surprises catches out at sea, we can help you surprise someone with a gift voucher for a full day fishing charter. Chat to us about it because we can also point you in the right direction with accommodation, too, from the very impressive to the economic budget.

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