Catching Snapper: Balgowan Fishing Charters Remembers

Catching Snapper: Balgowan Fishing Charters Remembers

Catching Snapper is something we love to do, but with the current laws in South Australia, Balgowan Fishing Charters along with all fishing enterprises are forbidden to target or keep them.

Where we fish it is impossible to not have some bycatch of Snapper and I cannot remember a day where we did not see some.

However, the situation with Snapper in Spencer Gulf is a real worry and we’re glad something is being done about it.

The ban on Snapper in recent years was certainly required as the numbers of snapper available in the Spencer Gulf is sad compared to the good days when they were plentiful.

When Snapper is legally biting again, we’ll be ready

With our 10.4m 30 nautical mile surveyed vessel, we are the best set up charter in the Gulf for targeting those big line screaming Snapper in comfort.

When legally available, they are always part of the day with plenty of 8-10kg fish as well as bag limits of beautiful eating ruggers

On the charters these days you will still hook Snapper of all sizes most trips, even when trying to avoid them targeting quality whiting.

But they are certainly not in the numbers we were used to.

This is why, as disappointing as it is, we all need to be thinking of our grandkids so they can enjoy them as much as we have, otherwise they will be just a memory.

Eating Snapper

Personally I love eating Snapper and cannot wait till we can take them home again and enjoy them for not only there fighting qualities.

A baked rugger in the webber cooked right is one of my favourite dishes to enjoy with mates and family.

Even the fish soup I used to make with the frames and head is something I look forward to again.

Crispy skin fillets and the list goes on what these beautiful fish can be cooked up as.

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